Elder Law

    • Guardianship and Conservatorship
    • Self-funded Special Trusts
    • Medical Benefits and Health Care Planning
    • Estate Planning and Probate
    • Related Areas: Estate Planning
    • Resources: Elder Law Reader

Elder Law bridges across practice areas, with the unifying objective of helping people and their families as they grow older. There is no discreet elder law - indeed, there is no legal definition of what 'elder' means - but instead it is a multifaceted practice tuned to individual and families with common needs.

Estate planning may be the most significant area of elder law for many of our clients, but estate planning in the context of elder law is not the same as at other times in life. While considered, careful planning is the touchstone of much of the firm's elder law practice, there are also significant areas of litigation affecting our clients as they grow older.

Elder law is still an emerging field, and many of the changes in the legal landscape affect our elder law practice most acutely. The attorneys of Backes & Backes fully appreciate the trust that our clients place in counsel, and welcome the duty that trust carries.

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