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In the courtroom, the skill and experience of the trial lawyers can make the difference in the outcome of the case.  The right trial attorney is sometimes not just a factor in winning the case.  When it matters most, the right trial lawyer is sometimes the factor between winning and losing.

The best trial lawyers know this fact, but it is rarely said:  choosing the right trial attorney may be the decision that separates a loss from a successful result. Our clients trust our experienced litigation attorneys to build an ethical, aggressive plan of action for each case, and remain fast and flexible to meet the inevitable exigencies of civil litigation in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Every seasoned trial attorney knows that the outcome of a case at trial is never guaranteed.  What our clients expect is every advantage that comes with choosing the right trial attorneys to bring their case through litigation, a litigation team that will best position them for a successful settlement of their case, and trial lawyers who are ready to bring experience, resourcefulness, and plain old hard work to the courtroom.

The trial attorneys of Backes & Backes have successfully represented individuals and businesses in law suits where some of the highest-paid trial lawyers and largest law firms in the world sat across the courtroom aisle. The bigger law firm and more expensive trial attorney is not always the right firm, or the prevailing one.

The firm handles general civil matters, with particular experience in business tort litigation, consumer fraud litigation, and general equity matters.

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