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Temporary guardianship: who will take care of your child if you're quarantined?

Contingency planning is always advisable for families with minor children at home.  The present pandemic has put the need for provisional planning into high relief -- who will care for your minor child if you are in quarantine? 

I am encouraging my clients to consider a temporary guardianship options for their children, to help the person they've selected to act as their child's caregiver if they become incapacitated.  

The state publishes form of limited power of attorney, here:  The form poses its own problems, as it requires a notary and a witness.  With New Jersey's new (temporary) remote notary authorization, this may be more managable.  

Your estate lawyer should be able to assist you in preparing and signing a form of power of attorney.  In the event that a friend or family member becomes responsible for the care of your child, a temporary guardianship like this will be a tremendous help.

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